Welcome to Nila Associates...

Nila Associates is one of the fast growing BUILDER in Chennai. Among the flat promoters in Chennai city, we have established a reputation for quality and prompt delivery. We are into the field from we are giving residential flat and houses for affordable cost, considering middle and upper middle class. We are doing some projects for upper class. We are using new technologies for our construction and you are always welcome to visit for our completed sites to appreciate the quality and techniques of our constructions

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Our Services And Technical Competency

  • Flat Promotions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Bungalow Construction
  • Prolierty Development

Access to Machinery and Equipments Capacity to Mobilize anywhere in Tamil Nadu.

Well Experienced Supervisors and Committed Staff.

Enviable Track Record of Completing the Projects well ahead of scheduled Completion, with assured Quality using a good Management Information System.

Not merely working as Builder, but working like as a partner in the Project; understanding the need of the Client.

Zero incidents of Undue claims, Arbitration, Disputes etc.